Our Specialties

kitchen design

Kitchen Design

The Kitchen is the room with all the action in any Long Island home, not just being a place to prepare and cook food; it is a place for entertaining and for family to gather. We customize the design according to your needs and wants. Its functional space, storage, lighting, be it anything we guarantee it.






The private sanctuary for anyone- we make your dream bathrooms according to your needs. We do spa or a shower, heating, shelving, cabinets, storage, ventilation, mold prevention and more. We ensure cleanliness in every step. We design reflecting your style and personality.





roofing_sidingRoofing and Siding

We do it all. We help you choose the colors, raw materials in every step that matches your budget.






outside_poolOutdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces are as important as the indoors are. We create your spot for relaxation and also make space for your big gatherings. We make it attractive and blend it perfectly with your surroundings. No home is complete without the outer space and we are here to create your memories at home from over 25 years.